Let's Walk Braybrook

Let’s Walk encourages the people of Braybrook to discover the walking possibilities in their community and feel inspired to walk every day.

Walking has many benefits – it’s good for our health, it can fit around daily commitments, it’s affordable, and it’s also social. For older people it helps them continue to be independent, mobile and connected with others.

 “I can’t imagine not doing it – it’s part and parcel of my life.”

 “You get to meet interesting people, fresh air, and an easy form of transport, and it’s free.”

The story so far...

We have been working closely with the Maribyrnong City Council to connect with community members and find out where people in Braybrook already walk. We have been looking for service providers and community members to spread the word.

The Spring Into Summer Program has been a catalyst for more people walking in Braybrook. Let’s Walk had a consistent group of 16-20 people ranging from 1 to 83 years old – Arthur turned 83 on the last day of the program! Many of the participants discovered parts of Braybrook for the first time, like the Community Gardens, a giant mural, beautiful gardens, sculptures and even a topiary dragon!

Check out the walks

So far we've created two easy-to-follow maps of interesting local walks, with detailed descriptions and features so that people can choose a route that best fits their interests, ability and time:

  1.  Let's Walk Braybrook Streets - an easy neighbourhood wander taking in parks, architectural history, laneway art and a Vietnamese temple. Take a look at the flyer or the online map.
  2. Let's Walk Braybrook Park - an exploration of Braybrook Park and neighbouring streets. Check out the flyer or the online map.
  3. Let's Walk Dinjerra Primary School - admire the gardens and check out all the community facilities on this loop walk from the Churchill Ave shops and Community Hub to Dinjerra Primary School and back. See the flyer or online map.
  4. Let's Walk Kinder Smith Reserve - a neighbourhood loop walk taking in public art, shops and the playground and greenery of Kinder Smith Reserve. Check out the flyer or online map.

On Friday 16 December we spoke to locals about neighbourhood walks and handed out maps of Let’s Walk Braybrook Park and Let's Walk Braybrook Streets.  Many people said they wanted to walk more in their local area and loved the idea of Let’s Walk Braybrook.

Get out and about!

Soraya's story

The Braybrook On Board (BOB) Leadership Program graduates have been particularly supportive of Let’s Walk Braybrook. Here's Soraya's story:

“When I heard about Let’s Walk Braybrook I had just had an operation and I think the idea is a great way to get more people to know their neighbours and get more people on the streets. Now that I am well enough to move and the weather is better I can get out and walk.

The only time I can walk is after dinner when my family are fed and my sons are doing their homework. I always drag my husband out because I don’t like to walk in the streets alone. In the last few weeks I have been walking by myself because it is light until about 8.30pm and Braybrook Park is well lit now and has no traffic noise.

Last week there were 2 other women walking the same route and we were all walking alone. Each time I passed one I would say hello and ask a question. After 3 laps we finally stopped and said, “Why don’t we walk together?”

The 3 of us started walking and talking together, sharing our stories and enjoying the connections. One woman has just moved from Sydney to Braybrook and doesn’t know anyone in Braybrook. The other one has lived in Braybrook for 13 years but has always been too scared to walk in the streets alone. We had a great conversation, talking about our families and parenting skills and healthy eating and discovered we lived close to each other, one even in my street!

That night we walked each other home. We made a promise to walk together 3 times a week and encourage each other. My husband is very happy.”

What next?

In January, February and March we will:

  • Map 3 more walks online and in a flyer
  • Do a letterbox drop of 300 flyers
  • Meet and walk with health professionals at the Braybrook Community Hub
  • Plan a Community Celebration for Let’s Walk Braybrook
  • Plan 2 walks with the Burmese Playgroup.

Victoria Walks acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government