What's so bad about sitting all day?

Somewhere, something went terribly wrong

Humans were designed to walk... we spent 7 million years of our history walking, and now all of a sudden we're sitting down.  We're addicted to our chairs.  That is having profound effects on our health."

Dr. James Levine, Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

Many of us spend about a third or more of our day at work – often sitting and working in confined spaces for hours at a time, which isn’t great for either physical or mental health.

Recent studies show a direct association between prolonged periods of sitting and increased incidence of cardio-vascular diseases, even for people who are generally healthy. So, ‘beware your chair’! 

But what’s the answer? Well, walking, of course. (You might have guessed we’d say that).  In a workplace setting, this is about keeping active, which can happen in many ways.

Even short, frequent walking trips can easily add up to the recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity, reduce the risk of diseases caused by sedentary lifestyles and promote better physical health. And the benefits go well beyond individual health and well being, and translate directly into business outcomes!