Pedometers are a simple but proven way to engage and motivate people of all ages to monitor and increase their activity levels. Step challenges are quite common, and there are many ways a pedometer may be used to achieve both educational and physical activity outcomes.

Resources and activities

1. Boys walking with pedometersSmartSteps Count is a free online resource outlining pedometer activities in and out of the classroom. The resource is appropriate for PE and general classroom use. It includes ideas for “active homework” and getting parents involved too!

2. Our Primary School Incursion Program offers an introductory session – Measuring SmartSteps which is centred on using a pedometer. This activity filled session is engaging, entertaining and educational! Curriculum links are provided. Incursions are also provided free of charge for schools registered with the Achievement Program.

Schools are encouraged to borrow pedometers post this session in order to complete follow up activities. Loans can be organised as part of the booking process and pedometers will be delivered on the incursion date (only return postage charges will apply).

** The Incursion Program is currently not available **

Buy pedometers: currently not available

Victoria Walks PedometerVictoria Walks is keen to support school communities to encourage students, teachers and parents to become healthier, happier and more active by walking! 

  • Pedometers are currently not available to support the Achievement Program. This means we cannot lend pedometers to schools until further notice.
  • To purchase pedometers, please order using the form below.