Why map my local area?

Getting people out and about more often not only benefits their health and business bottomlines, but is a fantastic way for staff to connect with the local community and increase their support for local businesses, especially in rural and regional areas.

Workplace walking maps can be used for new employee inductions, getting to know the best cafes and lunch spots and best of all, routes for walking meetings, walking groups or walking breaks.

By combining your collective wisdom, you can create lunchtime walking routes, discover new lunch spots or favourite shops.  What's more, you might even get new ideas for a walk the next time you step out.

How do I map my local area?

If you've worked at your organisation for more than a few months, chances are that you've found a great cafe, interesting shop window or worked out the best route to the bank or post office. Like you, your workmates also have a wealth of local knowledge.  Why not share and exchange your information?

There are many ways you can get staff involved in mapping the local area. Consider:

  • Identifying people who are already active walkers - they'll have done the ground work.
  • Asking people who live in the local area, or are long serving employees as they may know the nooks and crannies around your workplace better than others.
  • Breaking people up in groups to step out to map a walk per team. You can set a theme for them (eg. best walking meeting route, new staff orientation walk)

Once you've decided on what you'd like to map and who will be involved, see resource in the links below for more information.

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